Joint-Master Program between National University of Civil Engineering (NUCWE) and National Taiwan University (NTU)

Ngày đăng: 08/01/2013

The Joint - Master Program between National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) and National Taiwan University (NTU) started in 2008 and was approved under the Decision of Vietnam Ministry of Education & Training No 649/QD-BGDDT dated on February 13, 2008.


 Advantages of this Program:

  • The program is completely taught in English;
  • Tuition fee for the second year is supported by Taiwan enterprises;
  • The students who get excellent results after the first year will be received scholarship;
  • Students are supported of accommodation in NTU’s hostel with the preferential price;
  • Modern and well developed educational environment provides opportunities for master students to have good jobs and have more chances to grant doctorate scholarship in Taiwan and America after graduation.





  • Graduated from NUCE or other technical engineering universities;
  • Age under 45;
  • English requirement: evaluated through interview


  • Structural Engineering: 10 (for all graduated students)
  • Construction Project Management: 10 (preferential for those who have 2 experienced - years and more).


  • The total education time: 2 years and the program is completely taught in English;
  • The educational program and degree are provided by National Taiwan University;
  • In the first year at NUCE: master students are taught 10 subjects by Vietnamese Professors;
  • In the second year at NTU: study more at least 2 subjects and do dissertation.


  • The candidates have to attend the prequalification interview of National University of Civil Engineering and the official interview organized by National University of Civil Engineering and National Taiwan University.

The program starts in the first week of September every year




National Taiwan University (NTU) was established in 1928. It is the most well-known university in Taiwan, ranking the second among Asian universities. The Department of Civil Engineering at National Taiwan University offers civil engineering education as well as research opportunities for society and the nation. It is recognized as the largest and leading department among all civil engineering departments in Taiwan and over the world. NTU is the training university of many intellectuals, scholars and celebrities in the areas of Taiwan.

The university has 7 campuses accounting for 1% of the entire territory of Taiwan. Some of the main campuses are located in Taipei. It has about 3500 cadres, in which 1027 professors. There are several libraries with different levels: the university library, libraries of departments or institutes… with 3 million books. The major library of NTU is the biggest one in Taiwan. The university also offers modern facilities and favorable conditions for students. There are 2 foreign language centers for international students to improve their Chinese.





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