Joint-Master Program between National University of Civil Engineering (Vietnam) and University of Liege (Belgium)

Ngày đăng: 08/01/2013

The Joint - Master Program between National University of Civil Engineering in Vietnam and HEC Management School of University of Liege in Belgium was approved under the Decision of Vietnam Ministry of Education & Training No 3974/QD-BGDDT dated September 11th 2010.


Advantages of this program:

  • The program is completely taught in English;
  • In the first phase at NUCE - Vietnam: students are taught by leading Vietnamese and Belgian Professors
  • In the second phase at University of Liege - Belgium: students have many opportunities to receive full-scholarships from Belgian Government, Organization of Wallonies Bruxelles International (WBI) and University of Liege;
  • The tuition fees in Belgium is supported by Belgian Government;
  • Educational environment in Europe provides favorable conditions for students to develop their occupation in the future;
  • More opportunities for students to visit and work in European countries.



  • Graduated from universities of engineering and economics;
  • English requirement: B2 level under the European Standard (equivalent to 5.5 - 6.5 IELTS or 87 - 100 TOEFL).


  • 25 master students


  • In the first phase at NUCE - Vietnam: students are taught by Vietnamese and Belgian Professors and provided Certificate of Executive Master in Industrial Management by HEC Management School - University of Liege and Certificate of Postgraduate in Industrial Management by NUCE.
  • In the second phase at HEC Management School - University of Liege: students are provided Master of Science in Management or Master of Science in Management Engineering.


  • First phase: at National University of Civil Engineering
  • Second phase: at HEC Management School - University of Liege
  • In the first phase, the lecture time is arranged suitable with the master students’ learning condition.
  • The Intensive Bridging English starts in July and finishes in September every year.

The program starts in the first week of October every year


International Cooperation Center for Education and Consultancy

Tel: 04-3.628 5371     Fax: 04-3.628 5348 Or Ta Quynh Hoa. Ma - Mobile: 0983 280 775


University of Liege - a public university in Belgium was ranked the 91st among the leading universities over the world. It was established in 1817 in the heart of Europe - the important location in trade and rail connection; therefore, it gets preeminent factors of technological science and development management.

HEC Management School in University of Liege is famous all over Europe for its education in management fields: Corporate Management, Industrial Management, Finance, Accounting…Many directors and good managers were graduated from the HEC Management School and now hold high positions in Europe and over the world. With about 200 professors and 70 experts, the school has attracted 2500 students, in which the number of international students accounts for 15%.

There are 5 departments, 11 study centers or units operating in many areas of management. Its infrastructure for education is well equipped with the system of computer rooms and libraries with the huge number of reference document. Especially, the “Commercial Office” can connect to international financial centers to update daily information for research and forecast. Furthermore, there are several services for students such as the job search service, services connected with companies to find sources of scholarship and support for international students. The basic criteria to evaluate students are: creativity, self-completion, care of social diversity, responsibility and cooperation.


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